We are a non for profit co-operative sowing the seeds of nourishment. fairness and connections in our community. We source ethically produced, ecologically sound food direct from local farmers and suppliers.

The Commons Collaboration
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The Commons Collaboration


Just a reminder that we now have a ‘Beansprout’ collection site at The Commons, 150 Beaumont St, Hamilton. You may pick up your box filled with super cheap, fresh, locally grown, organic produce at either the Mayfield or Hamilton site.

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Soup and Fire Night next week 21st June

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Next week, we will be having a Soup and Fire night at the stall!

Bring a friend! Got anyone interested in what we do? This’d be the night to show us off..

If anyone felt able and willing to make a soup or cake for the evening. Let Michelle or Carlie know.

Lastly, for the purposes of coming together as community we will suspend our Beansprout collection point at Hamilton.

Hope to see you there.

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Price increases as of 19th April 2016

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Hi everyone,

As per the price increase notice and in order to keep Beanstalk viable, the Management Committee has taken the decision to raise the mark up on bread, eggs, milk and Imbibe. This means an increase of 5% on these items, meaning where before we added 20% we will now charge 25% on these items.


For example:

2L of Glenn’s Udder farm milk will cost $5.00, up from $4.80

1 dozen of Terry’s eggs will now cost $9.75, where they were previously $9.20

Imbibe 1 L from Felicity’s apothecary will cost $12.75


The more astute of you will have noticed that some prices increase by a bit more than 5%. This is because in the case of eggs, Terry has had a feed increase and so had to pass that cost on to consumers. Imbibe attracts GST, unlike all of our other products and Michelle had forgot to add it to the mark up. So yay for a few months of cheaper Imbibe. A couple of price discrepancies online were also noted in this update and these have been corrected too.


Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the cheapest, organic and local produce possible.



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Party time!

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Hello Beanstalkers,

We are gearing up for a ‘Farewell to Summer’ celebration. Using the last days of daylight saving to hold a gathering.

I’m thinking cool glasses of Imbibe, a Fosterton Farm BBQ, lawn games and… a band!

Come to collect your box; stay for the tunes, a cheap and easy dinner for the family and friends.

The date is set for the 15th of March. Invites and further details to follow.

The event will be open to Beanstalk members and their friends so if you know of someone interested in Beanstalk and what we do – bring them along!

If anyone would like to volunteer some time to help with the extra set up / pack down or salad prep, please see Michelle or Carlie at the stall.

Here’s cheers!