We are a non for profit co-operative sowing the seeds of nourishment. fairness and connections in our community. We source ethically produced, ecologically sound food direct from local farmers and suppliers.

Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers

Beanstalk has a commitment to directly support organic and sustainable agriculture in the local region, building honest relationships with farmers by giving them a fair price for their produce.

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Chest freezer is full

Posted by: on Aug 11, 2015 | No Comments

We are fully stocked with a new delivery of Organic Chickens from Terry of Tilligerry Organic Produce. And for you nose to tail enthusiasts, there are even a number of free, (yes, free!) bags of feet. Feet are a fantastic way to add extra nutritious gelatin to any bone broths this winter, just pop a couple in with organic frames or boilers for a health supporting boost. Many cultures eat them crispy with sticky sauces. Or you could place a hex on any past lovers who crossed you.. Or just enjoy the feeling that you could but are just so balanced now and magnanimous. Back scratcher… But I digress.

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Terry’s happy chickens

Posted by: on Jun 4, 2015 | No Comments

Just in!

Terry from Tilligerry farm has just dropped off some chooks for our chest freezer.
Just look how happy they look in the photos below.. Actual location shots!
We sell premium, organic, locally raised eating birds for $13.00/kg.
Alternatively some old girls (boilers) are available for just $8.45/kg. These stronger flavoured and slightly less tender birds are great for making bone broth and the meat is still good too, use for pie filling, terrines, chicken mayo sandwich fillers etc.

Get in quick!

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Fosterton Biodynamic Beef

Posted by: on May 24, 2015 | No Comments

This Tuesday, 26th May get in early for your favourite cuts of delicious Fosterton Farm Beef direct from the farm in Dungog.

We have purchased a quarter of a cow which means our freezer is full but there are only a few of each cut of beef.

Scotch Fillet
T-bone steak
Stewing steak

And bones, pasture fed beef bones for quality stock!

All far cheaper than other organic meats.

See you at the stall,

Beanstalk team